Cable chain for heated bed


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I have added a nice Jason HK heated bed to my Ultimaker Original. The cables are guided by a nice cable chain and remixed clips. See following links to get the STL files for you own printer:


A very useful new feature added to my LInuxCNC config: JOG-WHILE-PAUSED based on M60 remap and Gmoccapy modifications.

I have designed a sharedvar class to exchange data between Gmoccapy and the Python code called by REMAP.
The native pause buttons is fully handled.
Everything looks like a standard M0 behavior, except you have access to all functions as for manual mode during pause.
There is an automatic machine state save/restore included in my modified M60.

Laser sweeping mechanism

Here is an old project now almost finished: a stepper motor based laser sweeping mechanism to be used with DAVID-Laserscanner. The design has been done with ViaCAD 2D/3D. CNC G-Code file generated with CamBam.

Planetary Gear Box V28

The stepper motor is used with a planetary gear box of 1:100 ratio. This gives a resolution of 0.018°.

The electronics is based on:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Adafruit motorshield
  • Custom board for laser and light control

The different parts before machining the box:


The mechanical elements has been machined with a CNC-6040 router.



Next step is the machining of the Laser support axis.

Full project description here: