EATC-120 toolchanger driver

The EATC-120 module is almost finished !



This is a driver for the EmcoTurn 120/220 original 8 positions ATC.
This design is derived from the excellent Toolerator 3000 USB controlled driver.
EATC-120 is adding MODBUS capabilities for easy integration with an industrial environment.
Single 24V power supply with embedded 5V DC/DC converter.
The “brain” of the module is an Arduino Micro.
The motor is driven by an LMD18245T providing current control.
The lock status is automatically detected by measuring the peak current when the motor stalls.
Everything is reported in MODBUS registers.
Integration with Machinekit/LinuxCNC is easy thanks to “mb2hal” HAL component.

I have found a nice empty DIN rail enclosure and designed a special PCB to fit with it.



I need to finalize integration and test with my Emco lathe before publishing.

Stay tuned !

Control panel bracket

Just built a strong bracket for the control panel.
The door can slide freely under the panel.
Nest step is electrical cabling of the link between the control panel and the motor controllers.Control panel installed 01 Control panel installed 02 Control panel installed 03


Motor drivers

VFD and stepper drivers installed in the electrical box.
Vexta driver autotest feature shows that motors are in good condition and 5 phases cabling is ok.
Need to integrate the control panel for further validation.

Emco Turn 120P Machinekit control panel

Brainstorming, CAD, CAM, simulation, wood, machining, gluing, sanding, HIPS … the control panel is almost ready!

The structure of the control panel is made of 5mm plywood. The red color is coming from a 1mm sheet of HIPS. Everything machined on my CNC-6040 router with 3.17mm carbide endmill.

The touchscreen is a Beetronics 12″ model. Connected through HDMI to the BeagleBone Black board. Easy configuration: there is native support for the touchscreen USB pointing device in the Machinekit Linux image!20160320_231247


Step by step manufacturing of the control panel.

First step was CAD design with ViaCAD software.CompatWindow_2016-03-10_00-55-18

Some 3D rendering with ViaCAD.CompatWindow_2016-03-12_17-06-53 CompatWindow_2016-03-12_17-07-45

High quality CG rendering and compositing with DAZ3D Carrara 8.5.On the real machine, I will add a frame to hang the panel above the sliding door area.
EMCO 120P Fake Control panel

CAM done with BobCAD-CAM. Below a simulation to check everything before machining.BobCAD-CAM - [Emco120 Control Panel V14 Cover]_2016-03-20_13-56-58

Plywood panel machined with 3.17mm carbide endmill. Some pockets to have 2mm thickness for industrial buttons fixture.



Gluing all parts together, and waiting 2 hours before removing clamps.20160320_185541Final result!20160320_231303

MPG and lights will be managed by an Arduino UNO. Stay tuned …