Some useful stuff for LinuxCNC

CNC-6040 LInuxCNC configuration file

This configuration runs with Gmoccapy GUI. It provides additional features:

  • Gmoccapy2 wrapper which add
    • automatic tool table update based on special tags in ngc file
    • automatic handling of reference tool length when Z probing is used
    • block G-CODE window update when running subroutines
  • Clock
  • Automatic probing of the workpiece thanks to a small piece of PCB used as a contact area. Handle the PCB thickness.
  • Automatic tool length measurement and compensation
  • Machine park feature
  • Goto manual tool change position
  • M60 REMAP to park machine during workpiece fixture change
  • Pause state with blinking button and bell sound
  • Tested with Gmoccapy 1.1.4
  • Note: JOG-WHILE-PAUSED is temporary not supported


LinuxCNC [Running] 2014-01-23_22-36-22

XHC-HB04 LinuxCNC driver

A HAL component to use the XHC-HB04 pendant with LinuxCNC.


Another source of information about similar pendants and the USB protocol:

Digital zoom feature for camview-emc

How to setup “util.crop” unit to get a nice digital zoom for accurate camera positioning. Including new widgets for fast access to relevant parameters.

linuxcnc20 _2013-11-08_21-23-35

High precision mount for a HD-5000 Webcam

This bracket is based on a ball joint to achieve high precision vertical alignment. The idea comes from telescope mounting for secondary mirror.