The CNC mini-milling machine in the box

Here is a new box for noise limitation and safety !
Build with 10 mm and 18 mm medium.
The machine stands on a plate of rubber like material designed for washing machine vibration isolation.
The blue tube is the connection to the external air compressor.

The mill in cooled and lubricated with a home-made microlub.

The oil/air mixer is based on a standard lubricating system. There is a by-pass if only airĀ  flow is required. Currently running with 3.5 bars and a oil flow of 10 drops/min.

The nozzle is based on a Locline modified according to

The nozzle hole is 1 mm diameter. With 3.5 bars, the air flow is around 30 liters/min.


First real workpiece

After lot of tuning of my CNC mini-mill, a first real project: the remake of a broken part from a radio mast.

Step #1: an image of the broken part is done with a scanner. Then, the object is reconstructed within TurboCad V12 with a red spline.

Broken part graphical reconstruction

Step #2: the toolpath is computed with Cambam CAM software

Cambam toolpath

Step #3: machining on my homebrew CNC mini-mill

Homebrew CNC mini-mill

Step 4: the remade part with POM-C material

Remake of the broken object

Zoom on the remade object