Intelys C3000 vise clamps

Time to machine some aluminum clamps for a nice vise.
To be used on the palet of my Intelys C3000.
First time I am using 3D printing to check the part before wasting material and time with CNC milling: very useful, let me fix some design flaws before machining!

Toolpath calculation with BobCAD-CAM
3D printed prototype, compared to 4 aluminum parts machined on a CNC-6040
Clamp installation
Vise alignment

Intelys C3000 retrofit

My first experience with Machinekit: the retrofit of an old Intelys C3000  machining center! Three months of work with many new things to learn:

  • Beaglebone Black configuration and interfacing
  • PRU integration
  • Machinekit compilation and configuration
  • QML programming to modify Machineface
  • Setup of a X86 VM to execute my machine configuration in simulation mode
  • PCB routing with Target3001! EDA
  • How to engrave a PCB with a CNC router
  • and lot of fun

Many thanks to the Machinekit and LinuxCNC community for helping me on some tricky configuration issues.

The customized Machineface GUI is available from