Emco Turn 120P Machinekit control panel

Brainstorming, CAD, CAM, simulation, wood, machining, gluing, sanding, HIPS … the control panel is almost ready!

The structure of the control panel is made of 5mm plywood. The red color is coming from a 1mm sheet of HIPS. Everything machined on my CNC-6040 router with 3.17mm carbide endmill.

The touchscreen is a Beetronics 12″ model. Connected through HDMI to the BeagleBone Black board. Easy configuration: there is native support for the touchscreen USB pointing device in the Machinekit Linux image!20160320_231247


Step by step manufacturing of the control panel.

First step was CAD design with ViaCAD software.CompatWindow_2016-03-10_00-55-18

Some 3D rendering with ViaCAD.CompatWindow_2016-03-12_17-06-53 CompatWindow_2016-03-12_17-07-45

High quality CG rendering and compositing with DAZ3D Carrara 8.5.On the real machine, I will add a frame to hang the panel above the sliding door area.
EMCO 120P Fake Control panel

CAM done with BobCAD-CAM. Below a simulation to check everything before machining.BobCAD-CAM - [Emco120 Control Panel V14 Cover]_2016-03-20_13-56-58

Plywood panel machined with 3.17mm carbide endmill. Some pockets to have 2mm thickness for industrial buttons fixture.



Gluing all parts together, and waiting 2 hours before removing clamps.20160320_185541Final result!20160320_231303

MPG and lights will be managed by an Arduino UNO. Stay tuned …